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What is ManSpray?

It's the replacement for that "stuff" you put on your underarm to control your smelly body odor. 

ManSpray is here to help you protect your body and please the people around you.

It's the ALL-NATURAL deodorant to fix your man scent.

With three different manly scents, we got you covered.

Stay fresh and dry

ManSpray is designed and formulated to last long throughout your day while providing a refreshing scent that will keep you fresh and dry.

You'll feel the breeze of natural elements flow through your arms with every spray.

When compared to the alternatives, there is no comparison.

All-Natural Deodorant for men
All-Natural Deodorant for men

Why all-natural?

Short reason: Toxic Chemicals = Bad.

Longer reason: Your body is a natural product, so it deserves to be maintained and cared for by products made with natural elements. Don't put stuff on your body that shouldn't be there. 

Aluminum Free?

The Ammonium Alum used in ManSpray is a mineral salt that is food grade and kosher

Ammonium Alum is often confused with Aluminum Chloride, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Aluminum Zirconium or Potassium Alum all of which are considered controversial.

We, at ManSpray, carefully chose the variety that is a naturally occurring mineral salt, that is food grade, and has gone through the kosher certification. It is a completely different chemical structure than the varieties that are causing health concerns.

Why ManSpray?

Made in the USA
Chemical Free
All-Natural Ingredients

Emails stink. Ours don't.

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