What's the deal with all natural deodorant?

What's the deal with all natural deodorant?

If you’re anything like the men here at ManSpray. We don’t like to overthink or complicate things that should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. However, now and then, we are forced to question, what all the fuss is regarding our daily essentials. What’s the deal with natural deodorant? And why should men use it?

Most standard deodorants on the market have synthetic and toxic ingredients. Our underarms are very absorbent which for some ingredients is more dangerous than if we had eaten them for breakfast. That’s something to think about.

How do these ingredients affect us? Honestly, in a few ways. For starters, a typical antiperspirant uses aluminum that works by clogging the sweat glands in your underarms. This literally causes blockage of these glands, disturbing a necessary function of the body. Aluminum is also incredibly controversial and has been linked to many health concerns, including chronic & incurable conditions.

Worse yet, many ingredients in standard deodorant cause hormonal imbalances by mimicking estrogen that competes with our healthy levels of testosterone. Basically, standard deodorant is providing our bodies with an excess of fake “female” hormones which confuses the healthy function of our “male” balance. This has physical and mental repercussions until “detox” occurs. Is the alarm sounding yet? It should be!

Our bodies deserve better! This is where ManSpray steps up. We didn’t create a natural deodorant without much thought and consideration. We designed ManSpray with health in mind…our health, the health of our sons, our families and friends, you and your families and friends.…we all deserve better than the standard.

We believe ManSpray is an amazing option for your odor control. The ingredients are all-natural, won’t clog your pores and will not confuse your hormones. They will, however, fight the odor-causing bacteria in your pits and provide a fresh scent that combines well with your natural body chemistry.

What are you waiting for? We explained it, now it's time to make a change!